Art Direction and digital design for the campaign Skänk en tanke where selected people who are all affected by cancer in one way or another, carried an interactive pink ribbon to which people could "send their thoughts" to show their support. Agency: Wenderfalck

Interacitve pink ribbon

In collaboration with the industrial engineering creatives at People People, we created an IoT version of the characteristic pink ribbon, made up of 32 small led lamps that could be lit up in any pattern by sending "thoughts" from a campaign site.

Campaign site

The interactive ribbons, worn by selected people who where all affected by cancer in one way or anothe, lit up in the exact same pattern as the sender created.

The campaign site was designed as an interactive experience creating a connection between the user and the people wearin the ribbon, but also inform about the psychological aspects of cancer.


The main visual idea was to use dim environments, and work with the light from the ribbon as a symbol for the presence of the supporting peoples thoughts. This was implemented throughout the visual content.

The campaign film was produced by Wenderfalck, together with Litka, Photos by Carlos Zaya